• Our Candidates are honored and respected for their outstanding professional and personal achievements and are treated accordingly.

Personal Appointments

  • A personal consultation with a Candidate is accepted by appointment only.

General Qualifications

  • The following attainment is generally recognised as a pre-requisite for registration with Fuller International.

    • Board Member
    • Executive
    • General Manager
    • Senior Manager
    • Manager
    • Other - (Similar)

Additional Qualifications

  • For present and past employment, Candidates will be required to demonstrate their successful FISCAL management.

  • For present and past employment, Candidates will be required to demonstrate their ACHIEVEMENTS and the REAL VALUE ADDED to their company as a direct result of their initiatives.


  • Our Clients are encouraged to undertake a probity check (police clearance report) on short-listed Candidates. For immigration purposes, probity checks are mandatory.


  • Candidate applications are only accepted on-line utilising the systems of Fuller International. Unsuitable Candidates are notified and are invited to re-apply after a period of 12 months.

Relocation Assistance

  • Expatriate Candidates receive professional guidance from our Clients with regard to immigration and re-location.

Privacy Policy & Legal Disclaimer

  • As a condition of registration all Candidates must read and accept our Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer prior to submitting an on-line application.
Note: Fuller International unequivocally reserves all rights to Candidate representation.


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